Thursday, April 15, 2010

2 Precious Boys in My Life

I have a son born in August 2004, so he's almost 6 years old now. He's very cute and awesome ! He's in kindergarten school now and will be in elemantary school next few months. His name is Rifky but we call him Kiki. And my 2nd boy is Mark. He's very important in my life. Like I've told you here, I met him on net and love each other so much.

Well, just to show that I'm very proud of them so I will let you guys see some pictures of my 2 precious boys. And here they are :)

Look! Very cute isn't he?

I like Kiki in longer hair but should get his hair shorter as he's soon in elementary school.

People often thought that he was a girl... lol.

Kiki looks older than his age in this picture.

Still looks cute even when he's sleeping !

It's Mark in my house.

Big Teddy Bear.

Mark and Kiki on Solo Steam Loco.

Happy family...Someday

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  1. Hello Dee. Welcome back again. How are you my friend? Glad you're back. Take care always.


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