Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Christian Bautista

Hahaha... Soooooo unbelievable !

Hi guys, I'm curently watching TV while I write this. And Christian Bautista is here on one of our TV channels. It's "Take Me Out" special edition. It's "Take a Celebrity Out" tonight. And yes, they are all celebrities join this show. This show is hosted by Choky Sitohang and Yuanita. In the second part, Christian Bautista takes a part of this show, and Yuanita said that she admires Christian so much so she wants to take a part as well, (But I'm sure it has been arranged, lol.)

Why I said it's unbelievable, coz Christian said, so many other Indonesian foods but he likes Sayur Asem and Jengkol most. Well, nothing's wrong with Sayur Asem, it's only kinda soup, but Jengkol...??? OMG no waaaaaaaayyyy...!!! It gives you sooooooo stinky mouth ! Hahaha...

Well, not much to discuss coz it's only a show. I just can't believe that Christian likes Jengkol. So funny. And guys, here, I share some of Christian Bautista photos I found.

Download MP3 The Way You Look at Me by Christisn Bautista.

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