Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yes ! We Are Soulmates !

Me and my boyfriend often couldnt believe it, but we did ! We are far away in distance but many ways to communicate today. We're talking on phone, facebooking, and also chat on messenger. When me and Mark chat on messenger, many coincidences happened. We often typed the same words and sent those words at the same times :D Or sometimes our thoughts are the same, but we sent different words. Still have the same meaning though.

And guess what... Right now, while I'm writing this post, we even read the same article in Jakarta Post ! I didnt know that before I asked Mark what "landed house" means. And we were soooooooo surprised as we're looking at the same article. Here, I share some of my chatting with Mark :

mark : yeah think the same feel the same want the same
me : btw, what is landed house means?
mark : amazing you are looking at the same thing on jakarta post site
me : ooooooooooooohhhhhh
mark : about retired bule now allowed to own property there
me : you mean, now you look on the same news in jakarta pos?
mark : I am looking at that to
me : ooooooooooohhhh realyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????
mark : yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
me : God, its so amazing you know that
mark : it is I cant believe we do this all the time
me : yeah, unbelievable but we do
mark : all the time btw landed means you live in it not for investment
me : means you own the house to live in ...

I'm writing this post even I havent finished chatting with Mark. (I ask Mark to wait for me to finish my writing :D) Its because I really cant believe it ! So, tell me, does it mean we are true soulmates ?

Dee's Notes


  1. Yea honey it is amazing we do this all the time. Always thinking and saying the same things to each other. It is like we are the same person but in two bodies, and yes I am sure that we are soulmates.Together forever honey.

  2. I LOVE YOU SO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH to baby, and I always will

  3. I guess, you're soulmates Dee. Imagine always writing and thinking the same thing. That's unbelievable yet it happens to you and Mark. Have a nice day Dee and thanks for always visiting my blog.


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