Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shoutmix Error

Does it happen to anyone of you ? I dont really know what is happening here ??? Everytime I'm visiting other pages, I always try to leave my fingerprints there, by leaving message in chatbox or put comments on their article.

Most bloggers I know, they're using Shotmix widget as their chatbox. But since these last few days, or about one week maybe, my name i put there is not linked to my blog IRL adress. So, for those who never knew me before, they wouldnt be able to track me back. Whuaaaaaaa...... !!! What is happening here..... ?!?!?!? Can someone tell me..... ????

It has made me soooooo cranky. But nothing I could do to fix it. Oh, about 3 days ago, it was finally working. My name was linked ! It is when I was using different browser. I usually use Mozilla Firefoz. But that day, I was trying different browser, Opera, just curious if it was because the browser. And it worked ! But then again, the next day, it started to happen again. My name is not linked in Shoutmix chat widget.

So, anyone knows ? Please let me know how to fix it ? Coz when I googled it, I didnt find any useful information. And guess what, its not only me ! I found many same thing happens to other bloggers, but just like me, nobody knows what happens and know nothing to fix it. Anyway, I just sent an error report to Shoutmix and still waiting for their reply. Hope they can fix it as soon as possible.

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