Saturday, May 1, 2010

Busy Days

Web Design Books

dee-blogger templateI've been so busy this week coz I was so curious about designing a blog layout. Lots of html codes to learn and some other codes that are so confusing, lol . Actually, I started to learn it long time ago, but still, never could remember those codes, neither saved them in my files. And even did, I always forgot in which folder those codes was . So, I started to collect them in my own blog to let me easily find it when I need it. Just already put one though, but will keep adding lots of codes there.

Well, just like I said, I'm so interested to learn about blog layout design. And finally, horaaaayy ... 2 of them have been done ! . I'm using one of them HERE, and the other one HERE. And one more that is still in process, Mark is using it for his new blog. It's really fun to do it !

Dee's Notes

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  1. Wow Dee you're amazing! The outcome is totally amazing. Keep it up my friend and someday you will be able to earn from your hardwork.


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