Friday, June 11, 2010

Javanese Wedding

Pheewww... I finally get back to my best friend ever ... yeah ... my computer I mean :D

My neighbour across my house is having a wedding party for their daughter tomorrow. And as the other Javanese wedding (I live in Java Island, Indonesia), we have a sort of small party in the night before the wedding day. It is called "Midodareni". The word midodareni is taken from widodari (Kawi Language) or bidadari (Indonesian) that means nymph in English. It's a myth in Java that in the night before the wedding, nymphs from heaven are going down to the earth, go to the bride's house to make her more beautiful and perfect in the wedding day.

I live in a narrow alley and the social life is very good in my neighborhood. We help each other. And tonight, we let my neighbor across my house to use our house to prepare the foods for this Midodareni party. Many people from my neighborhood were here tonight. Girls were cooking and preparing foods, boys were looking after the equipment including chairs, tent, and other equipment needed for the party tonight.

I have 2 neighbours getting married this month. One of them was getting married last week. Helping neighbours to prepare their wedding has reminded me about my failed marriage. But nothing to regret. A past is just the past. And now I'm reaching my future. And hopefully, Mark is going to be a part of my future.

Here, I share one of my nightmare pictures, which is my wedding picture, LOL :D It was a traditional Javanese wedding ceremony. I was me sitting there waiting for the groom.

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  1. Soon honey you will be waiting for me, just like in this pic.In just over 2 years honey. I just hope that you can wait this long, for our futures to start together.


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