Monday, June 14, 2010

Schools Parade

Kiki's kindergarten school is a private school run by Nasiyatul Aisiyah, a women's organization under the Muhammadiyah. And today, almost all schools under Muhammadiyah attended the schools parade approaching 46th Congress in Yogyakarta.

Lots of kids were there. From kindergarten kids to high school kids, and even adults from few organizations under Muhammadiyah.

Older kids and adults were walking from Kota Barat square to Gladak circle, and it was about 6 to 7 km. So thank God Kiki is only kindergarten kid so he didn't have to walk that far, and that means neither did I... :D All kindergarten kids only had to stay arround Gladak circle, and played drum band there, while waiting for the parade to get there.

Kiki lost his 2 upper teeth and another one on the bottom. Looks funny though :D

These 2 cousins are now in elementary school, so they had to walk in the parade.

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