Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Optus - Indosat ... What is happening here ?

It has been over 2 weeks since I started to have problem with my sim card provider. I thought it was only because I had a bad coverage so Mark couldn't ring me. He said he got a message telling my number was no longer disconnected every time he tried to ring me. But the next day, didn't get better at all so we asked to our each provider about what happened. My provider is Indosat - Starone and Mark using Optus.

Each of them told us that they were going to find out the problem and fix it soon. Starone told me to wait for 3 days and they said they would let me know about what happened afterward. But I didn't get any calls from them after 3 days so I rang them again in the 4th day. And guess what... I had to wait for 3 more days !

The last time I rang them, they told me that it might be Optus that has the problem. They said they couldn't even find any incoming calls recorded in my number (incoming calls from Aussie). I couldn't believe it coz Mark rang me almost every day before we got this problem. So I told Mark to ask about this to Optus. But Optus then told Mark that they have an agreement with Indosat so they they thought we shouldn't get this problem.

Optus tried to ring me few times to see if they had problem to connect to my number. And it was working. I got their phone calls about 2 or 3 times. But wonder why Starone said they still couldn't see any incoming calls from aussie recorded in my number.

I currently have long distance relationship with Mark, so we really need this problem to be fixed soon. And it has been over 2 weeks for us to wait. I feel pity if I have to find another provider coz I honestly already feel comfortable enough with Starone before I got this problem.

Well, just hope Starone or Optus will find out the problem soon so we don't have to move to any other provider.

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  1. hello dee! im new here in your blog. just thought of wandering around to find new friends. would you mind for a link exchange?

    btw, i hope your cellphone problem is now addressed by your provider.

  2. I hope the problem will be fixed soon especially that Mark is far away. Hearing his voice everyday would be your much awaited time of the day. By the way Dee. I have an award for you. You can either post it or not. Take care and have a nice day.


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