Sunday, May 23, 2010

10 Things About Man .......

There might be some women said they can live without a man. However, can not be denied, other than the things they can do themselves, women also love some things in a man.

Here, these are 10 things about man that could make woman down on their knee :D

1. Body shape. The difference between female and male body shape is very seductive. Bigger hands, larger chest and a sturdy body of a man can make woman feels protected while they are nearby each other. More masculine facial features and strong muscles is the physical form that made him look provocatively sexy.

2. The ability to do things that a woman can not do. For example, the physical strength of men make them more powerful to lift heavy things or keeping insects away, that very disgusting for some women.

3. Sensitive side. When seeing a man cry, every woman must have felt that she had won his heart. Tears are signs of extreme intimacy, and the fact that he is concerned and trust you. Sensitive side of the a man describes his softness and surely will melt woman's heart.

4. Body scent. The typical scent after shower, their aftershave scent, cologne and their typical natural body scent is a very attractive side of a man and can be a very seductive part.

5. Brain. Scientifically, male brain is different from the female brain. That is the cause why more men tend to like sports, technology and technical issues that are difficult for women to like. Differences in masculine and feminine is what makes men special in women's eyes.

6. Sense of humor. Women love a man with a sense of humor and jokes more. Through a sense of humor, a man exudes charm that makes them easy to laugh and not too serious.

7. Protective. For example the manner how a man protects a woman when crossing the road or how a man help a woman down the ramp will make women feel flattered. Although adult women can protect their self, a man's attention will make a woman feels special.

8. Clothes. Typical clothe such as a blue striped shirt or sweater, which reveal their body shape can make the woman often look at him like crazy.

9. Logical thinking. Unlike women, men greatly influenced logic and reason rather than emotion. Although in a very upset condition, most men are able to stay calm in front of the woman who might has been out of control. This calmness that makes a woman feel more secure.

10. Desire on the woman he loves. This one maybe will only can be seen when a couple are growing older. When the man still try to maintain their passion eventhough there might be many phisically changes, that will surely make a woman feel so special and flattered.

So, are you agree with this? Any thoughts will be so appreciated.

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