Monday, May 24, 2010

Bossa n' Rosses

Just a quick note for my friend, Maya and my bf, Mark. These songs originally sung by Guns n' Roses. But I got them in different version with different singer for each song. Got these songs from my cousin. Not sure what album is, I only got them in one folder named Bossa n' Roses. Guns n' Roses songs combined with bossanova music. These are beautiful though, and so relaxing as well. So guys, these are the songs that you wanted other day. Feel free to download !

* Simply click on each song to download *

01- Amazonics - Since I Don't Have You
02- Aneka - Live And Let Die
03- Freedom Dub - Welcome To The Jungle
04- Ghetto Blaster Ltd. - November Rain
05- Glambeats Corp. - You Could Be Mine
06- Groove Da Praia - Used To Love Her
07- Natalie Renoir & Dj Leao - It's So Easy
08- Banda Do Sul Feat. Natascha - Sweet Child Of Mine
09- Sco Vicente Feat. Ituana - Don't Cry
10- Scubba - Paradise City
11- Sixth Finger Feat. Dew - Patience
12- United Rhythms Of Brazil - Knockin' On Heaven's Door

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