Sunday, May 30, 2010

Busy Weekend

Pheewww...! Just had another busy day in this weekend. Had something to be done this morning, and then went to swim with Kiki. Can I say it swim when I can't swim? lol. Well, at least we had fun there, even only playing water in the pool. Sorry but I didn't take any pictures when we were in the swimming pool. Only got this one. It's Kiki when we were about to go back home.

It's Kiki when we were about to go back home.

Oh, by the way, we went there with Kiki's friend and his family. Was there for about 2 hours and then bought 2 burgers from Mister Burger to bring home for lunch on the way home..

Bought lunch here.

Had few minutes to get some rest though, but then, again..., got something to be done. And was just finished right before I write this post. Aaarrgghhh...! Can I get some me time tomorrow? So tired after been busy these few days! (Stop complaining would you!) K okay... No complaining! But still I think some 'me time' tomorrow :D

Well, no matter you had a busy or a relaxing weekend, just hope you guys had a great awesome weekend. Happy Sunday everyone!

Dee's Notes


  1. nice blog :) i added u to my links and grabbed your badge. hope you can add me too.

  2. HAhAhA....I must already be in Solo honey. I own a burger chain there. Mister Burger owns Mister Burger. Kiki must have thought this was funny hey.

  3. Hello Dee. I am glad you had fun swimming with Kiki. How are you today? How's everything.


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