Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mental Disorder - Depression

I started to search and read tons of articles related with DEPRESSION since the last few days. Its because we have a relative who is suffering from mental disorder. Its my uncle.

I wouldn't feel embarrassed to tell it here. Uncle has no family. He lived with a friend and had a job for living before he got this mental disorder. But of course it all ended up now. Now we have to help him because my dad is the only brother he has in this town where we live.

It was about one or two months ago when a neighbor came and told us that she saw my uncle walking like someone who was confused. He even walked closer to a someone's car and tried to enter it. My parents then picked him up and told him to stay in our house for a while. When my mother asked why did he try to enter someone's car, he said that he was being chased by someone who was tall and big, so that he tried to ask for a help from someone who owns that car.

We then realized, there was something wrong with my uncle. He stayed in our house that night. The next day, my parents let him go out when he asked for permission. That's because at he looked normal. But in the afternoon, in heavy rain, again, a neighbor told us that she saw my uncle sitting in front of my other neighbor's house, under the rain.

My parents then got there straight away to pick him up, but he refused when my parents asked him to go home. So that my parents had to ask for help from someone to force him to go home. He went stayed in our house again that night. And since then, things get worse from day to day.

Before I continue this story, maybe one of you is a Muslim, and believes that the spirits (jinn) can permeate the body of someone who is in a condition of mind is empty. At first, we believe that it happened to my uncle because he told us about someone tall and big was chasing him. And then, we decided to help him using "ruqyah".

But someone who helped us to do that ruqyah said, if ruqyah couldn't make my uncle better, we are suggested to help my uncle using medical way. Finally, we sent my uncle to a psychiatrist who is also a friend of my other aunty (mom's sister). He was asked to stay in there and was treated for 10 days.

During that time, we were only given two times a chance to visit my uncle. After 10 days, my uncle allowed to go home, to continue the treatment at home. But unfortunately, only after a few days later, my uncle forced to go back to live with his friend. And too bad that we found it later he never took the medicines. Until finally, on Sunday uncle's friend came to us and complained that my uncle messed up the place where they live.

My mom and I went there to see. And oh my God, the place was really messy. Former timber roof was strewn everywhere. And also there were three pieces of concrete stones as big as the CPU strewn there. You wouldn't believe that it was my uncle who did it, because he is physically looks very weak. But he did that!

My dad finally forced him to go back home. And last Tuesday, things was even worse. We finally decided to send him again, to the biggest mental hospital in our city.

Just hope my uncle will be hopefully a lot better when he's allowed to leave hospital. Because, believe me, it's not easy to have someone with a mental disorder in the house. Have to be extra patient.

So, anyone of you have the same experience? Share your thought please, because even today we are still not sure, can uncle back to 100% normal? Or he will need help for the rest of his life.

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  1. I don't think I know anyone who has not dealt with depression themselves or with a family member. It sounds like he has a good support system which is so important! Hope he get's well soon :)

  2. Thanks Michelle. Yeah, I really hope he's getting a lot better or even he only has a small chance, I hope he will get back to 100% normal just like the days before.

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  4. Good luck to your Uncle. What Ms Michelle had said is true, he has a good support from the family (your family). That's the best, knowing what had happened, you are always there for him.

    I admire it because some families who dealt in this kind of sickness, neglect that person. That's the reason you can see them on the streets.

  5. @Lisa, I see many here too on the street. Sometimes we (me and my family) are tired with this condition, coz my uncle is so stubborn, but then we realize later that it might because he is not healthy.
    So I hope it is the best for him to stay in mental hospital for a while so doctors can treat him properly until he's getting better.

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